Should polygamy be legal in canada

Personally i don’t think that we should allow polygamy either in canada or the united states, but my reason might be a little surprising to you, because in a country or government that allows same-sex marriage, and again i’m not speaking for or against that, but if we allow same-sex marriage and we allow polygamy, you could have networks of people, hundreds of people all married to each other in a variety of ways. Should polygamy be legalized in canada i have a two-part answer to this one: i am all for legalization of polygamy i think the legal consequences of separation, divorce, and custody will be really complicated, though.

Canada: all forms of polygamy, and some informal multiple sexual relationships, are illegal under section 293 of the criminal code bigamy is banned by section 290 [91] however, for a long time, the law banning polygamy has not been efficient. Polygamy in canada should remain illegal and enforced by police in order to empower women and eliminate discrimination against women in order to abolition of man’s privileges as the so-called “head of the household” in order to prevent degradation and violent treatment of women and girls in the family.

From a social perspective, polygamy should not be legal in canada because it destroys canadian social order people who advocate that polygamy should be legal in canada claim that it is people’s religion freedom practice and canadian should respect it and put it to be legal. But even canadians are apprehensive about a court case in vancouver, british columbia, that could lead to the legalization of polygamy the case centers on a breakaway mormon sect in bountiful, bc, that practices plural marriage.

Should polygamists win in court - a real possibility - canada's already suspect polygamy law would be blown out of the water marriage, already open to same-sex couples, could become a very crowded institution.

Should polygamy be legal in canada

J udges in canada do not normally find their judgments reported around the world, but chief justice bauman of the british columbia supreme court has managed it with section 293 of the criminal code of canada, which deals with the legality of a canadian law making polygamy a criminal offence.

  • Canada's problem with polygamy december 7, 2017 - the economist susan drummond, a legal anthropologist, argued in 2009 that the ban on polygamy should be dropped because canada has other laws and regulations to protect women and minors.

should polygamy be legal in canada Bigamy: being married to more than one person at a time illegally should polygamy be legalized in canada should officials work harder at upholding the existing law  should polygamy be made legal in canada polygamy: being married to more than one person at a time legally carolyn jessop history ben blackmore elissa wall monogamy: one man and.
Should polygamy be legal in canada
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