An introduction to the life and political history of romano prodi the president of the european comm

When a political figure as well known and experienced as romano prodi delivers a lecture, expectations are bound to be high this was the case too on wednesday morning, when the yenching academy had the pleasure and honour to welcome this important figure of european politics for a conversation with both yenching scholars and the wider pku community on the topic of “europe after brexit.

Romano prodi omri president of the european commission in office 16 september 1999 – 30 october 2004: vice president: personal life prodi was born in scandiano, prodi's political career began as a left-of-centre reformist christian democrat and a disciple of beniamino andreatta,. The president of the european commission is the head of the european commission, the executive branch of the european union the president of the commission leads a cabinet of commissioners, referred to as the college , collectively accountable to the european parliament , which is directly elected by eu citizens. Romano prodi, president of the european commission, said in a press release that the proclamation of the charter paves the way for the creation of a solid basis for the evolution of the protection of fundamental rights in the union.

Over the course of the lecture, professor prodi often referred back to the history and origin of the european union as an essential peace project in a europe ravaged by two world wars. As president of the european commission from 1999 to 2004, he oversaw introduction of the single currency, presided over the eu’s enlargement to 25 members and powerfully shaped its neighborhood policy.

Manuel marín gonzález (21 october 1949 – 4 december 2017) was a spanish politician, former president of the congress of deputies of spain he was a long-time member of the european commission , and acting president during the santer commission following the resignation of jacques santer. Introduction: jessica matthews, president, carnegie endowment for international peace moderator: romano prodi former prime minister of italy and former president of the european commission transcript by federal news service washington, dc.

An introduction to the life and political history of romano prodi the president of the european comm

Few serious historians these days subscribe to the “great man” theory of history, in which events are shaped above all by the titanic efforts of men of destiny perhaps it is time also to ditch the “not so great man” theory of history, at least as applied to the european union, and to romano prodi, the european commission's beleaguered president. Romano prodi omri (italian pronunciation: [roˈmaːno ˈprɔːdi] ( listen) born 9 august 1939) is an italian politician who served as the 10th president of the european commission from 1999 to 2004. Romano prodi (born 1939) italy: 1999: 17 september 1999: 22 november 2004 eldr party : prodi commission: prodi, a strong supporter of european integration, became president of the european commission thanks to the support of both the conservative european people's party and social-democratic party of european socialists in the european parliament.

European commission - press release details page - president of the european commission greek presidency closes on high note european parliament strasbourg, 1 july 2003 prime minister simitis, president cox, honourable members, we are approaching the half-way stage of a year rich in ambitious projects and intense debate that will determine the face and destiny of europe. Romano prodi, the prime minister of italy from 1996 to 1998 and from 2006 to 2008, and the president of the european commission from 1999 to 2004, is the united nations special envoy for the sahel region of africa.

Mr prodi is surely right, by contrast, to hail enlargement as the great “political project” of his term in office this is not to deny mr prodi's failings as the commission's boss. Romano prodi president of the european commission too in the global world we live in, cultural diversity is a fact of life it is a factor of political and economic life too in today’s interdependent world, • its foreign and security policy must be strengthened with the introduction of a european foreign minister, so the union can. With the introduction of the euro, economic and monetary union is now an integral part of daily life for europe's citizens at the same time, the debate under way within the european convention opens a new and decisive phase in the reform of the eu institutions.

An introduction to the life and political history of romano prodi the president of the european comm
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